What I'm up to

Just thought I'd show you whats going on in the studio...I usually have about twelve paintings going on at one time, there are several out of shot having just been finished and varnished.


Invitation: Plein Air and Tea!

Would you like to visit Snails Pace Farm in Bridgewater, CT, our 1734 Farmhouse on eleven acres, paint in the garden and have an English Tea?  Later in the summer I will open my home, studio and garden to visitors who would like to paint plein air.  I have created a garden from a bare hillside over the last twenty five years and there is a river running through the property for additional inspiration!  My wife, Kim, is a phenomenal baker and cook and will provide scones, victoria sponge cake and copious cups of english tea!  The cost for the full day is $75 and includes critiquing and advice.  Lunch is not provided.  Maximum number of guests: 8.  Please contact me asap if you are seriously interested so I can formalize a date.  Hope to see you!

Student Work

This is only the third oil painting ever created by Dan Lynch. It is a portrait of his daughter's horse 'Lenny' who sadly recently passed away. Dan learnt to paint under my tutelage in Snails Pace Studio. Congratulations Dan - fantastic job!

Write edlittleart.com for online or studio lessons, advice or critiques.


What a week - sold six pieces and completed two commissions! Sold: Early Risers, Evening Sun on 33rd, September Shower, Citi View, Sun and Shade on 8th and Into the Light.  The two commissioned pieces were of Yale's Bienecke Library and the Lever Building, Park Avenue, NYC.

The Studio at Snails Pace Farm

This is my studio in rural Connecticut. Set on eleven acres the main house dates to 1734 and has been my home for 26 years, a truly wonderful place to raise my family and share with my wife. Our frequent visitors are deer, possum, raccoons, bobcat, skunk, coyote and bear. We have permanent guests in the form of chickens and at one point geese and ducks were counted as part of the family.