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photo of two ducks


photo photoshopped with one duck removed

Image retouching, repair, cropping, quality improvement,
cropping, quality improvement

You have images that you love but they are not quite great because they are too dark or light, or the color is off, or there is something or someone in them that you really wish weren't?
Do you have old but special photos that are damaged or discolored that you wish could look better or be restored?
If the answer is 'Yes' then simply email the images to me and I will use my creative expertise in design, composition and color along with my photo manipulation skills to convert your sad or disappointing photos into star images!
I will need either a tiff, png or jpeg image at a large size, for example
300 dpi x 10" x 16", or 300 dpi x 30" x 20"
The bigger the dpi number and the larger the inch size the better!
An image size such as 72 dpi x 7" x 5" is too small to work with.
If you have an old print photo and no digital copy of it, I can photograph it in my studio and create a large format digital copy to work from.
Write for a free estimate

Half Hour min $25

1 Hour $50

2 Hours $100

2.5 hours  $125

1.5 Hours $75

3 Hours $150

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