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I have been teaching privately, online and in my studio for over seventeen years. I have over 35 years of experience as a professional artist and a track record of excellence in both art and teaching. I have a BA summa cum laude in Editorial Design, an MFA magna cum laude in Figurative Painting, and am an Associate Living Master of the Artist Renewal Center.


If you simply want to brush up on your skills or have always wanted to be able to draw or paint but didn't have the confidence to try, if you are looking for a creative outlet that will help you relax, if you are stressed out at work and need a diversion, if you are an art student wanting help in progressing or creating a strong portfolio, a digital artist looking for some input or if you are an experienced artist looking for objective, constructive insight, then I am here to help.

I teach drawing and painting from the fundamentals to advanced. I teach about observation, measuring proportions, the use of tone and value to create the illusion of dimensional form, how to create volume and the sense of distance and space. I teach object drawing, still life drawing, figure drawing and portrait drawing.


I teach painting from the basics through  to advanced which involves color theory and professional studio practices. Incorporated into this are the fundamentals of design and composition.


I teach the realities, practicalities and discipline of drawing and painting based on my thirty five plus years working as a professional artist combined with my adherence to the historical traditions of the representative approach.

Your class will be tailored to your needs, I work with you individually. If you want to take classes with a friend  - maximum number of students at a time is 3. You can take one class or one hundred.

If you are interested in classes I will do a consultation, assessment of your skill level and your goals and work out an instruction plan.  Classes are a minimum of two hours, unless I am just critiquing or advising. We can work in the studio, or online or both.

I will help you select and buy materials. 


Fees are $85 an hour in studio




$65 an hour online.

I also offer in person or online critiques of individual artworks - either work in progress or complete - critiques of portfolios for university or employment submission. Fee $175.



If you want to start lessons or get more information click the box below.










Ed Little self portrait in oil

Artist, instructor Ed Little

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