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Ed Little - Teacher



I wanted to write to thank you for the outstanding painting lessons you provided to me during my tenure in Connecticut.  As a novice with only self-taught, minor experience in acrylics, you introduced me to the world of oils and the possibilities with this medium.  


During our lessons, I truly appreciate how you allowed me to work on a piece that was meaningful to me. You guided me where I could make my painting more beautiful by teaching me a different technique, color mix or subtle light/shadow work that improved the final work.  I feel like I learned so much and even though I live across the country now, it is great to be able to still send you pictures of the paintings I am working on to get advice and direction.  


Your talents are amazing and to be able to have spent 2 years learning from you was not only a pleasure, but I consider it a privilege to have spent the time in your studio.  (BTW, I do miss Kim's dark chocolate & ginger cookies on a cold day :) )



Best Regards


Aime Robicheaux

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